Set your business moving at unique venues

Where do you do business?

In meeting rooms? On the phone? By e-mail? Or somewhere more inspiring?

Throughout history, the influential businesspeople who have sparked social change have chosen venues with a difference.

In ancient Japan, warriors met in tea houses, barefoot and unarmed in a display of willingness to “bear all” in dialogue.
Those who led Japan’s “Meiji Restoration” revolution in the 19th century gathered in inns.
Indeed, when Japan sent emissaries on study trips to Tang China more than a thousand years ago, they did it with a view to sparking something new.

So, then, where will you do business?
At Japan MICE Navi, we match your needs with unique venues to set your business moving.

About MICE

MICE stands for meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions. As the name suggests, it refers to organized travel for business events.
Until recently, MICE was almost exclusively large-scale and not practical for smaller businesses, as the convention industry focused on attracting huge events to integrated resorts and other major facilities. But things have changed.
Nowadays, team building is a more organic endeavor as advancing IoT and evolving work styles have led to a much faster pace of business, and there is solid demand for MICE on a more realistic scale. We believe this friendlier-scale MICE is the way of the future—we call it MICE 2.0.

About Logo


The Japan MICE Navi logo is based on a tatami mat motif. The tatami has long been a basic unit of space needed for people to meet and share knowledge, and here it symbolizes the proximity of shared hearts and minds. Here in Japan, we are experts at extracting maximum benefit from minimal spaces, and the tatami logo illustrates Japan MICE Navi’s expertise in providing ideal venues for your events.
It shows that, just like the tatami-lined floors of tea houses and inns of old, a small island nation like Japan has many unique places that make ideal MICE venues.